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The Many Career Options After BBA

The pursuit of higher education is fundamental to every student’s life. Students must select their preferred subject of study after completing their 12th grade, as this will determine the future job opportunities available to them. One of the well-liked courses that many students enrol in with the goal of entering the management field is BBA. The student can get a degree after completing the three-year course and passing the final test in the third year. With the help of this certificate, students are introduced to a variety of business management topics and are equipped to pursue any future specialized fields that may be of interest to them. After completing the BBA, one option is to enrol in the MBA programme or get into other career options, such as those listed below.

Job placements

After doing the BBA course, many universities offer placement assistance. You might look for the placements that some universities offer, where students are placed into a company immediately from the college itself, if you want to start making money without studying further. Interviews are held, and students may be chosen for a desired position with a competitive wage package. Following a BBA programme, the most popular profiles one can choose from are executive assistant, market research analyst, associate analyst, sales executive, and marketing executive.

Product manager

Several product management positions are open to applicants who have completed a BBA programme. Throughout the course of the product’s lifespan, product managers are in charge of handling planning, designing, features, updates, and execution. They must collaborate closely with engineers, marketers, and salespeople to make sure the product is successful.

Digital marketer

Today, everything is digital, thus the sector of digital marketing has a lot of potential. Digital marketers are expected to reach out to customers through digital platforms, advertise the goods and services, and create brand awareness. The role is highly difficult because it requires preparation, strategy, and creativity in combination.

Data Scientist

You have the option of becoming a data scientist if you have a BBA. Data scientists collect knowledge from both structured and unstructured data, which they use to make better decisions, build models and strategies, and find solutions to complex problems using the data they already have.

Other options

You have a wide range of additional management career alternatives to consider for the future, including event management, hospital management, and hotel management, among many others. You can gain easy entry to all such fields by combining your BBA degree with a professional certificate. And if working immediately after graduation is not your thing, you can always choose to continue your education in business administration (MBA). MBA can teach you all the skills necessary for leadership roles, including strategic thinking, project management, people performance, leading change, etc.

You can also enrol in a 5-year integrated management programme at prestigious universities like IIM. Candidates must show up for IPMAT. This is an integrated managerial aptitude test that the IIMs hold. But for this, you’ll require qualified mentoring, which you can obtain from Ekoching. Ekoching’s IPMAT classroom coaching is dedicated to a small batch size with personalized mentoring, where the experienced faculty is available 24×7 for doubt clearing solutions, and backup sessions for missed sessions. Here, you can also get access to more than 100 IPMAT worksheets, exam seminars, and training sessions.

There are numerous employment opportunities available after earning a BBA degree, regardless of whether you choose to work, continue your education, or launch your own firm in any management profession. Decide what suits you the best, and then go after it.

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