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IPMAT 2024 is approaching soon, and a lot of questions might be juggling in students’ minds, how to prepare for the IPMAT 2024 exam? How many IPMAT 2024 mock tests a candidate should appear for? What to do after attempting IPMAT mock tests? How can a candidate assess their performance after writing the mock tests?

‘Relax, revise, and go forth’. These three words of advice are for all the students preparing for IPMAT 2024 exam.

There is a very common saying, ‘Practice makes the man perfect’.

Though a simple proverb when used in our day-to-day life, we can do wonders, isn’t it?

Similarly, when planning to appear for the IPMAT entrance exam, give as many mock tests as you can to clear the IPMAT entrance exam with flying colors.

The study is to learn and forget process but the more you read and revise it stays in your brain for a long. The candidates can revise by appearing for multiple mock tests. Mock tests help you identify the depth of your preparation.

Practicing mock tests daily will make candidates realize the importance of IPMAT mock tests. Joining the IPMAT test series from a professional institute is always helpful. Mock tests offer multiple benefits that determine your success.

Let us read ahead the benefits of appearing for IPMAT mock tests:

  1. You learn time management
    Candidates are instructed to complete the examination in an allotted time duration. Due to this achieving accuracy and completing the test on time becomes quite difficult. But when candidates appear for multiple mock tests their speed of solving questions as well as their accuracy improves. Thus, mock tests help candidates learn time management skills.
  2. Mock tests help you assess yourself better
    The half battle is won, if you know your weaknesses and their room for improvement, isn’t it? What could be a better platform than mock tests which help you analyze your weaknesses before the real exam?
    Yes, you read it right. Mock tests can help you figure out your strengths and weakness. Then accordingly, you can work on your weak areas, and spend more time studying those topics rather than reading the same topics you are well-versed with.
    Moreover, candidates can effectively plan a strategy to which questions they should attempt first (begin with topics you are good at) this further helps manage time while staying focused.
  3. You can identify frequently asked questions
    After you attempt mock tests, you should thoroughly check the paper. List down the topics that are asked repeatedly. Try to solve as many questions as you can from those topics to stay superlative in that area.
  4. Boosts confidence
    If the candidates join a IPMAT test series, they attempt mock tests multiple times. When candidates answer questions and see their scores improving day by day, their self-confidence gets boosted. They realize which part of the syllabus they can be confident about.
  5. Accuracy
    When it comes to an entrance exam like IPMAT, it does not make any difference how many questions the candidate attempts but the accuracy. Only mock tests can help candidates evaluate, improve, and attain their accuracy.
    Remember, accuracy can make or break your IPMAT score. Thus, to gain precision candidates should appear for as many mock tests as they can.
  6. Mock tests are a source of motivation and guidance.
    How would you feel, if you know all the answers to the questions but fail to attend to all the questions on time?
    Dishearten, right?
    Well, this could be the scenario if you do not attend mock tests regularly.
    Candidates should not only plan how to complete the IPMAT exam syllabus on time but should also learn how to complete the IPMAT exam paper strategically and timely.
    Mock tests act as a guide which sharpen skills. Attempting mocks makes you understand which questions you should begin with and the track you should follow while staying motivated.
  7. Makes you familiar with real exam conditions
    The purpose of IPMAT mock tests is to introduce candidates to the exam pattern and make them aware of the types of questions asked, and which questions are asked frequently. So treat mock tests as your actual IPMAT paper. Read questions properly. Analyze the mock paper after every attempt.

Mind you

  • One mock test would not help!
  • Mock tests should not be an option before the entrance exam. It is not just a test drive to check your IPMAT preparedness. Candidates should begin with mock tests as soon as they gain basic competence in all the sections.


  • Know your competitors by checking your score and rank after every mock test.
  • Begin with strong subjects first.
  • Stay motivated by surrounding yourself with positive people.
  • Candidates should spot the attempt order. After each mock, they should check that attempting which question first is helpful to them.
  • Enhance your reading speed by solving sectional tests.
  • Do not attempt lengthy questions first.


IPMAT 2024 mock test is the need of the hour. Candidates can save their time and effort if they dedicatedly prepare and appear for IPMAT mock test regularly. Ekoching offers IPMAT test series that proves to be quite helpful and adds a leading edge for candidates preparing for IPMAT 2024 exam.


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Download IPMAT Mock Test Schedule


Try to solve the IPMAT sample papers. Attempt IPMAT mock tests as many as you can this will eventually enhance your accuracy as well as speed.

Do not wait for the last month of preparation to start with your mocks. During the initial period of your IPMAT preparation, try to attempt at least one mock test slowly increasing it to three mocks each day.

It is advisable to attempt computer mock tests where the assessment is similar to a real IPMAT exam. This will give you a real assessment.

Give as many mock tests as you can. This will help you analyze your strength and weak sections. Accordingly, the candidates can work on the weak areas and plan a strategy as to which questions they should begin the IPMAT exam paper.

Attempting mock tests improves the candidate’s performance. Candidates get to assess their performance and their preparation level for the IPMAT exam. Moreover, they learn time management and gain self-confidence.

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