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The argument in India, when it comes to Quality education starts with affordable education and reaching out to the masses to ensure that youth can be empowered. This will only come when quality education is accessible to the youth. Considering this problem, few education enthusiasts came up with an idea of eKoching (an Online coaching Platform) to enable Educators and learners to come together and achieve this common goal.

This Platform is unique in many ways and the two major reasons are: Its cost-effectiveness along with quality content & that too primarily focused on Aptitude based exams which is a boon for youngsters considering the wide acceptability of these tests in almost all major entrance exams including Govt. Jobs. 

Apart from this it’s an interactive UI with which students will feel connected with his/her mentor and platform. Our future goal is to enable more programs on these lines and empower the youth of this country with education. 

Students from across the country especially B & C class Towns/cities come across many problems & one of them is to find good tutors/mentors /teachers at their place, due to the same many of them are not able to unleash their true potential and if there is online coaching available, they cater to the student needs in a generalized manner rather than specific to the particular student. We at Ekoching provide a Student-centric solution to study and provide them with things like personalized study planner, Quiz test based on the performance of students & start teaching with basic to advance level. A student can select his level of test series, type Of tests, Time of Study, select a Mentor, etc along with recommended coursed based on scores. 

What does “E” stand for Ekoching?

Normally people take it as an “online only” institution due to our name. It is compared to e-commerce, e-tender, e-mail etc. but Ekoching stands for “Excellent Coaching” in whatever we do. We believe in our core values BIG leap.

B – Be humble
I – Impact
G – Grow together
Lea – Learners attitude
P – Passionate about whatever we do

Our Vision

To provide quality education affordable and accessible to the masses.

Our Mission

To Train Over a million users Every year by 2025.

Our Team

What our students say

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