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Preparing For The GATE Exam For CSE

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is an exciting program that incorporates the logical and scientific aspects of technology and computing. CSE students get the opportunity to acquire knowledge about coding, programming languages, algorithms, operating systems, software applications, database management systems, and much more. Students who want to get further degrees into these programs are looking to enrol themselves at the best post-graduation colleges for the same, which is why they want to appear for the GATE exam for CSE.

How to prepare for the GATE exam?

If you’re one of the students mentioned above, understand that you can clear the exam if you trust yourself enough. All you need is a good mentor, who can help you with the right tips and strategies for cracking the test. And for this, you need to enrol with an institute that has proven to be the best platform for such students in the past. One such institute is Ekoching. Although based in Ahmedabad, you needn’t worry about traveling to and fro to attend the offline classes because Ekoching also offers opportunities for you to learn online with its GATE video lectures for CSE, which are recorded by expert mentors so that you can study from the comfort of your home, or any other place you may be.

When to appear for the GATE exam?

The sad thing here is that you can’t appear for the GATE for the year 2023, because the exam is in the month of February, and you aren’t prepared yet. Although you’re late, but the good part is that you have one whole year to prep yourself up for GATE 2024. We know one entire year means a big loss, but it’s always better to wait and prepare for the next year, than jumping to other random exams. That’s because taking up any random exams, or getting yourself enrolled at any random CSE exam won’t bring the results that GATE can bring. GATE will help clear all your concepts, eliminating any kind of misconceptions you might be having about the course, giving you nothing but the best.

Some tips on better preparation

  • Practice makes a man perfect; and this is what you need here. First and foremost, you need the right study material to study from, which you can easily avail from Ekoching.
  • You can begin studying for 4-6 hours per day initially, slowly and gradually increasing your time with your capabilities. Extend your studying time slowly, and try to take as many minimum breaks as possible. However, do not stress yourself out. Remember, breaks are necessary, and you need to balance both study and play. While you need to study for maximum hours, you also need to find time to both sleep, as well as enjoy some time with your favourite hobby or pastime.
  • Now remember, only studying isn’t enough. You need to keep testing yourself for what you’ve studied, from time to time. This means you study as well as practice simultaneously, so that you know where you stand. You strengthen your strong points further, and work harder on your weak points.
  • Previous years practice papers as well as mock tests, both are significantly important for preparation. Previous years papers will let you know the kind of questions that have been asked during the actual GATE exam, while mock tests will put you in a simulated environment, where you can feel as if you are in the middle of the actual exam. All the feelings of stress, anxiety, excitement, and trauma will empower you, and slowly, with time and practice, you’ll know how to overcome them all, so that you’re confident while sitting for the actual exam in February next year.
  • One more thing you need to focus on is time management. You get three hours to appear for the GATE exam. You need to know how to usefully use these three hours by dedicating the right amount of time per section and per question. It is only through practice that you’ll know how to breakdown your time.

Using the above tips, get yourself prepared. Also, remember to get done with your entire syllabus and revision by the end of December. After that, you need to adjust yourself to suit the actual exam. What we mean is that once you’re completely prepared, you now need to shift your study and practice time to the time that you’ve been actually allotted for the test. When you register yourself for the exam, you’ll receive your date and time. Whatever time slot you’ve got to appear for the exam, you now need to start practicing your papers and mock tests during that time slot only! This will help you get comfortable with that particular time slot, giving you a much more convenient feeling during the actual exam day.

The Success Mantra: Focus on thorough preparation, but don’t stress yourself!

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