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  • Complementary pre-recorded video lectures available
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Ekoching CAT 2022 Live Class Schedule

Our CAT online coaching classes are interactive & student friendly which includes live coaching Program for CAT and Other MBA Entrance Examinations. These classes would be conducted to simulate a classroom experience where students interact with their faculties and their peers at the comfort of their home. One can always ask doubts in between the sessions.

The live classes are scheduled on M,W,F or T,T,S at 7.00 PM to 8.30 PM or 9.00 PM to 10.30 PM

classes Faculty
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Prashant Sir
Saloni Ma’am
Quantitative Ability AK Sir
Harsh Sir
Rakhi Ma’am
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Shailesh Sir
Jayesh Sir


This online course covers the comprehensive MBA Entrance Exam Syllabus from basic, intermediate to advanced concepts and then followed by practice questions. Students are also provided pre-recorded video lectures, test-series as a complementary on joining the online CAT coaching classes. The recorded lectures and mock tests help in self-preparation for the exam as the students can watch and learn the lectures, attempt mocks any number of times.

We also provide live workshops weekly and monthly for the students on academic content as well as on preparation strategies. The live workshop sessions also provide insights on exam related information, cutoffs, B-School related information.

The students are advised to develop a thorough understanding of the concepts first before practicing questions and once they do, it is always recommended to attempt the topic wise tests and then slowly advance to sectional tests and then mock tests.

DATE DAY Subject Topic Faculty
9/27/2022 Tuesday Verbal Vocab Build for RC PS
9/29/2022 Thursday Quant Vedic RA
1/10/2022 Saturday LRDI Series SC
4/10/2022 Tuesday Verbal RC basics PS
6/10/2022 Thursday Quant Percentage 1 RA
8/10/2022 Saturday LRDI Coding decoding SC
11/10/2022 Tuesday Verbal RC -2 PS
10/13/2022 Thursday Quant Profit loss RA
10/15/2022 Saturday LRDI Direction SC
10/18/2022 Tuesday Verbal RC -Tones PS
10/20/2022 Thursday Quant SI CI RA
10/22/2022 Saturday LRDI Coding decoding 2 SC
10/25/2022 Tuesday Verbal RC -3 PS
10/27/2022 Thursday Quant Profit loss 2 RA
10/29/2022 Saturday LRDI Direction 2 SC
1/11/2022 Tuesday Verbal RC - 4 PS
3/11/2022 Thursday Quant SI CI 2 RA
5/11/2022 Saturday LRDI Arrangements SC
8/11/2022 Tuesday Verbal RC - Polity PS
10/11/2022 Thursday Quant Ratio-1 RA
12/11/2022 Saturday Quant Ratio 2 RA
11/15/2022 Tuesday Verbal Critical reasoning 1 PS
11/17/2022 Thursday Quant Mixture RA
11/19/2022 Saturday Quant Mixture 2 RA
11/22/2022 Tuesday LRDI Arrangement-2 SC
11/24/2022 Thursday Verbal RC - Sociology PS
11/26/2022 Saturday Quant Ratio-Test+ doubts RA
11/29/2022 Tuesday Quant Time Speed distance RA
1/12/2022 Thursday Verbal Critical reasoning 2 PS
3/12/2022 Saturday Quant Time Speed-2 RA
6/12/2022 Tuesday LRDI DI basics SC
8/12/2022 Thursday Verbal Grammar PS
10/12/2022 Saturday Quant Time Speed distance 2 RA
12/13/2022 Tuesday LRDI DI - 2 SC
12/15/2022 Thursday Quant Ratio-Test+ doubts RA
12/17/2022 Saturday Verbal RC -2 PS
12/20/2022 Tuesday Quant Time Speed-Test + Doubts RA
12/22/2022 Thursday LRDI DI - 3 SC
12/24/2022 Saturday Verbal Critical reasoning 3 PS
12/27/2022 Tuesday LRDI DI - Test SC
12/29/2022 Thursday Verbal RC - 3 PS
12/31/2022 Saturday Quant Geometry- triangles RA
3/1/2023 Tuesday Quant Geometry-triangles-2 RA
5/1/2023 Thursday Quant Algebra- linear eq. RA
7/1/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- linear eq.-2 RA
10/1/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra- Quadratic RA
12/1/2023 Thursday Quant Algebra- Quadratic-2 RA
1/14/2023 Saturday LRDI DI Advance SC
1/17/2023 Tuesday Verbal Parajumbles PS
1/19/2023 Thursday Quant Geometry- Quadrilateral RA
1/21/2023 Saturday Quant Geometry-Circle RA
1/24/2023 Tuesday Verbal Parajumbles-2 PS
1/26/2023 Thursday LRDI DI Advance 2 SC
1/28/2023 Saturday Verbal Parajumbles - 3 PS
1/31/2023 Tuesday Quant Geometry- Quadrilateral - 2 RA
2/2/2023 Thursday Quant Geometry-Circle - 2 RA
4/2/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- Progression RA
7/2/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra- Progression-2 RA
9/2/2023 Thursday Verbal Parajumbles-3 PS
11/2/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- Logarithim RA
2/14/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra- Logarithim-2 RA
2/16/2023 Thursday LRDI Games and tournaments SC
2/18/2023 Saturday Verbal VL -OSPJ PS
2/21/2023 Tuesday Quant Geometry-polygon RA
2/23/2023 Thursday Quant Geometry-Circles RA
2/25/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- Function RA
2/28/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra- Function-2 RA
2/3/2023 Thursday Quant Algebra- Modulus RA
4/3/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- Modulus-2 RA
7/3/2023 Tuesday LRDI Games and tournaments-2 SC
9/3/2023 Thursday Verbal Grammar PS
11/3/2023 Saturday Quant Geometry-mensuration RA
3/14/2023 Tuesday Quant Geometry-Trigonometry RA
3/16/2023 Thursday Verbal Grammar-2 PS
3/18/2023 Saturday Quant Geometry-mensuration-2 RA
3/21/2023 Tuesday Quant Geometry-Trigonometry-2 RA
3/23/2023 Thursday Quant Algebra- inequality RA
3/25/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- inequality-2 RA
3/28/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra-cordinate RA
3/30/2023 Thursday LRDI binary logic SC
1/4/2023 Saturday Verbal VL-OSPJ PS
4/4/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra-cordinate 2 RA
6/4/2023 Thursday LRDI binary logic 2 SC
8/4/2023 Saturday Quant Geometry -Doubts RA
11/4/2023 Tuesday Quant Geometry-practice RA
4/13/2023 Thursday Quant Algebra- Maxima-Minima RA
4/15/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- Practice RA
4/18/2023 Tuesday LRDI Set theory-1 SC
4/20/2023 Thursday Verbal Grammar PS
4/22/2023 Saturday Verbal Grammar 2 PS
4/25/2023 Tuesday Quant Numbers -Divisibility AK
4/27/2023 Thursday Quant Numbers-HCF-LCM AK
4/29/2023 Saturday Quant Algebra- Doubts RA
2/5/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra- Practice RA
4/5/2023 Thursday LRDI Set Theory 2 SC
6/5/2023 Saturday Verbal RC- Parasummary PS
9/5/2023 Tuesday Quant Algebra- Maxima-Minima-2 RA
11/5/2023 Thursday Verbal RC- Parasummary 2 PS
5/13/2023 Saturday Quant Numbers-HCF-LCM 2 AK
5/16/2023 Tuesday Verbal RC- Parasummary 3 PS
5/18/2023 Thursday Quant Algebra- Maxima-Minima-3 RA
5/20/2023 Saturday Quant Numbers-Cyclicity AK
5/23/2023 Tuesday Quant Numbers-Remainder AK
5/25/2023 Thursday Quant Permutation combination RA
5/27/2023 Saturday LRDI LR Based DI SC
5/30/2023 Tuesday Quant Permutation and combination 2 RA
1/6/2023 Thursday Verbal RC- Parasummary PS
3/6/2023 Saturday Quant Permutation and combination 3 RA
6/6/2023 Tuesday Quant Numbers-Base system AK
8/6/2023 Thursday Quant Numbers-Base system 2 AK
10/6/2023 Saturday Quant Numbers-Doubts AK
6/13/2023 Tuesday Quant Probability RA
6/15/2023 Thursday Quant Probability 2 RA
6/17/2023 Saturday Quant Probability 3 RA

Why Ekoching CAT Online Classes are best for MBA Entrance Preparation?

Interactive Live Sessions and Recorded Lectures :

  • Live Classes with the faculties where students can clear their doubts in real-time and cover complete CAT Syllabus
  • Covers detailed syllabus from basic to advanced levels in the most structured format
  • Re-watch the video lectures of the complete CAT Syllabus and learn at your convenience using the Ekoching mobile application

One To One Mentoring and Exclusive Learning Groups

  • Connect with the experts and earn a mentor for life who engages with the student for doubt clearing and Post Exam Guidance
  • Learn from the best faculties who has 8+ years of teaching experience in CAT and Aptitude Exam Preparation
  • Post your doubts in our exclusive CAT Preparation Telegram Groups and get it resolved from faculties and your peers

Make My Test and Mock Tests

  • Empowers the aspirant to curate test according to their preference of difficulty, set of questions and topic areas
  • Topic wise and Section Wise tests and solution analysis that helps students in in-depth practice and boost confidence for their D-Day
  • National level mock tests that simulate actual MBA Entrance Exams – CAT and Non CAT Mocks


Students can also download the Ekoching mobile application.

Download the videos and watch it any number of times

Attempt Topic Test and Mock Test

Join classes anywhere with the application access


  • Prashant Sugandh

    • MBA, Career counselor & Verbal Trainer
    • Experience of 10+ Years in Education Industry.
    • Worked with Manipal Global, ICE Gate Institute & Mentor with Career Launcher-Ahmedabad.
    • Counselled 10k+ students for various courses across schools and colleges in India
    • Trained them for WAT (Writing Ability Test), GDPI and PDP (Personality Development Program).
    • Takes strategy sessions on “How to compete & approach competitive exams
  • Jayesh Pandey

    • Alumnus
    • 5+ years of experience in mentoring aspirants
    • Mentored more than 10000 students for career in management GDPI
    • Quantitative Ability
    • LRDI CAT'19
    • 99 Percentile Calls - IIM A B C L I K, XLRI
  • Harsh Thakkar

    • 11+ years of experience in Education Industry
    • Scored 800/800 in GRE
    • Cleared 6 Government Exams
    • Ceiling Score in GMAT
    • Trained More than 10k+ students
  • Shailesh Chaudhari

    • 8 years experience in Training and Education industry.
    • He has been Phenomenal in Companies like Career Launcher and I.C.E Gate Institute.
    • His method of delivery of seminars has made him a student favorite over the years.
    • Many of His trained students are now at India's most prominent Colleges like IITs and IIMs.
  • Ankur Dhanani

    • 8 years experience I training and Education industry.
    • He has been Phenomenal in Companies like Career Launcher and I.C.E Gate Institute.

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